Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Started moving office today, the customer is abandoning their second building. My normal desk is now a void in the centre of the office, and I am temporally sat next to the MI analyst. There is a bit of a bed atmosphere still all the uncertainty and change is palpable in the air.

Thankfully my day was brightened by a lovely lunch time jaunt to the Swan where I met Sarah. We had a drink, some food and a chat, somehow putting the world of politics to rights before moving to the Nature versus nurture debate. I was really good for me to take a break and relax for a while things have been really stressful recently.

I telephoned about the mortgage Iam taking out the advisor promised like so many others in the last couple of weeks to find out and call me back, she didn't. I am in the process of dissolving some of my assets to pay for the deposit and other costs, I must say it has been a chore, while perfectly happy to accept money off me getting it back its really difficult. New Star were especially painful to deal with, and after the dismal performance I would not recommend them to anyone. Its strange, I have been saving since I repaid my debts from University and travelling and I will soon exchange all that for over £100,000+ of debt {and a house). I am also doing it at the start of a downturn am I mad? It is possible but I think I drove a hard bargain on the price, I have a lot of skill so even if the worse happens I am sure lots of companies want to employ motivated talented individuals like so i think I have a few things going in my favour.

I went to the gym after work, I managed a short jog and a few other cardio bits, it was really hot I was very sweaty and glad of a shower when I finished.

This evening I sat and chatted to Kasia, we swapped some songs, and stories about why we like them.