Monday, September 04, 2006

Life Long learning

Had a crap day today things seem to be going round in circles at work, this evening though Phil and I went to sign up for some adult education. The last couple of years have been the first time in my life I havent been activly learning anything and I have always wanted to learn a langauge. Phil has become obsessed with Japan thanks to his addiction to Akido and as I thought it would be more fun to go to a class with someone I know rather than on my own I found myself signing up to Beginning Japanese. Starts next tuesday, the little Japanese girl that will be the teacher seemed to be nice enough so hopefully it wont be like the terrible langauge lessons I had at school which totally turned me off French and German.

Live tonight at the Retro Bar

Manged to make it to the gym yesterday hough it my have been a mistak im aching again today, I also drank too much again last night when will I learn!
Phil and I went out to Retro Bar in Manchester to listen to some band of whom the bass player was a student of Bergers, in fact a lot of people there seem to be students of bergers. I dont know what the band was called they were pretty good thought in fact there were at least 3 good bands hoever the last one were so awful phil and I walked out our ears needed peace.
It was only 10pm so but we didnt feel like going anywhere else in Manchester and headed for home stoppping at the unicorn for a few more beers (for myself Phils was driving). Julie has bought herself a new car and she was really excited telling us about it.