Monday, September 04, 2006

Live tonight at the Retro Bar

Manged to make it to the gym yesterday hough it my have been a mistak im aching again today, I also drank too much again last night when will I learn!
Phil and I went out to Retro Bar in Manchester to listen to some band of whom the bass player was a student of Bergers, in fact a lot of people there seem to be students of bergers. I dont know what the band was called they were pretty good thought in fact there were at least 3 good bands hoever the last one were so awful phil and I walked out our ears needed peace.
It was only 10pm so but we didnt feel like going anywhere else in Manchester and headed for home stoppping at the unicorn for a few more beers (for myself Phils was driving). Julie has bought herself a new car and she was really excited telling us about it.

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