Sunday, April 28, 2013


Saw Phil last night, he told me all about his trip to Mexico. The Cave diving sounded amazing, I was pretty jealous. Phil looked better than I had seen him for some time, tanned and relaxed after the trip. We sat in the Kings Hall drinking and chatting, it was like the old days. In the last few years going out has gone from regular to a rarity which is a shame I miss it. I woke up with a dry mouth and headache though, don't miss that!

The rest of my weekend has been spent cleaning up the house in time for Kath and her sister Karoline visiting next week. She has never been to the UK before and we have a few things planned it should be a great week. Unfortunately because my holidays are limited I have to work some of the time but have Friday off and Monday is a bank holiday, so we should be able to do something exciting. I just hope that the weather holds out.

I just finished the On the Road film, somehow it was deeply unsatisfying, it had all the major scenes from the book but somehow lacked all the energy. The characters weren't quick as larger than life as I expected. Sal wasn't nearly as naive or wild eyed to Deans crazy antics.  The books is a wild trip with full of characters and events. In the film we don't really get to know any of the characters well. The scenes are well set but something is missing, there isn't enough energy its not frenetic enough.