Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to work

Today wasnt too bad I mostly worked on some documentation rather than coding got a project to docuemtn how a group of programs works. Its actually quiet a large program and might take some time.
I am still feeling under the weather my throats still really sore no fun at all I hope that it will start to clear up in the near future. Chatted to a my German bloke this evening he icq me I have no idea why, to be honest he was by far the rudest german I have ever met whilst I was travelling I met some really great people from Germany, I really hope the level of racism he had isnt indicative of other it was really rather nasty. I guess you do meet a lot of weirdos online me for example ;-) I also managed to catch Sweeny Todd, pretty nasty slitting peoles throats a good dramitisation by the BBC though.
Right I am off to bed I try and get rid of this cold.