Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Japan Day 7

The end of the road for our stay at Ryokan Fuji. It had been a nice home for our stay in Tokyo, as we checked out the owner gave us some souvenir chopsticks.

We planned to head to Tokyo proper but the weather was still bad so we mooched around Koiwa finding a park and a shopping centre that we had previously missed.

We took the Shinkansen bullet train from Tokyo to Osaka. I have never seen such an organised train. On arrival with 15 minutes an army of pink suited cleaners jumped on board to clean and swap the seats around. Leaving 5 minutes to get on board the train leaving exactly on schedule. The journey to Osaka took 3 hours, flying past Japanese towns.

Arriving in Osaka we found it even more confusing than Tokyo. The subway signs were mostly in Kanji, so it was difficult to find our hostel in Fukushima. After some searching we finally found the J-Hoppers Osaka Central Guesthouse. It was a bit basic and small, very disappointing in comparison to the Ryokan. Even the view from the fourth floor was only of other buildings.

In the afternoon we walked around the shops eat dinner in a Japanese India restaurant, I had a pizza naan! We decided to try and get an aerial view of the city however not as many of these seemed to exist as Tokyo. Eventually the lonely planet guide lead us to the rather crazy sky garden. This was a twin tower with a bridge / observation deck running in between. The views were really good unfortunately it had begun to rain heavily so 3we didn't stay too long.

Below the sky garden was a love. themed area! There were people getting married and doing wedding shoots.

We had a bit more of a walk round then headed for home.