Wednesday, June 28, 2006

People are Strange

Another day of work, more changing tagets meeting plans and no actual achievements how depressing.

Another session at the gym listening to my ipod avoiding the gaze of the meat head blokes gazing longingly at the lovely looking ladies.

Another set of pcs to fix for friends and the sister of the same friend.

Is this it? Am I doomed to be only wanted for people that need things fixed, should I feel honored that Im important even if it is for only the briefest moment. Perhaps its me I have a tendancy to live more inside my own mind than in the real world, though im not sure if its a function of

One of the people I talked to was using the Russian Mp3 site allofmp3 ot that im recommending it, but I must say the interface it actually easier to use than sonys dreadful sonic stage software, and it dosnt add stupid drm crap. If only there were a legal site like that I would own thousands of downloads.