Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Weird Requests

Today had a nightmare scenario at work, firstly yesterday Phil Myself Paul Jo Pippa and Holly went for lunch. We had a great time, apart from the dodgy eyed barmaid ripping me off. Basically we all had a nice meal a chat and that was great then Paul and Pippa left for Leamington, and Jo and Holly left ot go shed shopping. So Phil and I stayed for a few pints then some more pints then some more Opps I ended up being so pissed somehw I was chatting incoherently to Nick and becky its all a bit of a blur.
So anyway I am sat at work feeling totally lousey just about able to focus on the lastest project stuff, when I am quiet literally asked out of the blue to give out copies of our source code so the IS manager can assess how it works. Now given this is the guts of our system and tool Andrew Ian and Mike months to write there was no way I could just give it to him, but because I am only a lowly trainee I had to contact my superiours and make them aware, in case he figures out how to print it himself. I dont know whether he really needs to see it or whether he has deicided to hand it over to our competitors either way my boss thought he was out of order for even asking.
I dont know what will happen next