Saturday, May 11, 2024

Slow motion fountain Ciatudella


Saturday, April 27, 2024

TCS London marathon 2024 training roundup thanks @coopahrunning1679 @TCSLondonMarathon


Monday, April 22, 2024

TCS London marathon 2024 Medal Engraving

My watch warning me I was tired!
This morning I felt very sore but manage to drag myself out of bed early so that I could go and get my medal engraved at the New Balance store on Oxford road. The escalator at St Pauls didn't work going down so I had to make a painful and slow decent my quads were really hell! I made it to join the queue just after 9. I met a couple of ladies from Chicago in the queue. They were telling me that London was better than Chicago marathon in terms of the support. We were all handed a free New Balance branded water bottle while we queued, it took around an hour but the actual engraving was super quick.

Thom and Kath checked out after me and we met up at a coffee shop afterwards (they even brought me a coffee while I was waiting in line). Then it was off back home on the train.


Sunday, April 21, 2024

TCS London Marathon 2024

Today was the day after a heck of a lot of training including around 900 miles of running, today was the London Marathon.

I headed out the apartment this morning to catch the DLR from Bank to Greenwich park. My wave was RED 11 so quite near to the end of the runners, I needed to get to the start around 10 for an 11 am start.

The DLR was super busy, there were huge queues as Canary Wharf I was glad to have gotten on earlier. Arriving at Greenwich there was a walk to the park then get to the pens in time for the start of the race.

I was talking to an American lady in the pen. She was just completing her abbot six stars, very exciting.

I started the race around 11:08, following the 4:30 pacer up until about half way then dropping back to the 4:45 pacer unto around mile 20. Going over tower bridge just before the halfway point was incredible, such an iconic scene and so many people. The race carried. won snacking around the docklands. My legs were feeling really tired by this point and my pace dropped. By mile 24 I was feeling very tired but the crowd was still huge. Kath and Thom saw me but I missed them.

The end of the marathon takes you down the mall towards Buckingham Palace, finishing just afterwards. I was exhausted but I made it in just a smidge under 5 hours, 4:57:37. 

Saturday, April 20, 2024

The Land is inhospitable and so are we

Today Kath Thom and I headed to London on the train so that I could pick my number up for the London Marathon tomorrow. Kate P's brother was also running and as luck would have it our trains arrived at Euston at almost the same time so we have a quick chance to meet up and wish each other luck. Then we headed from Euston to the marathon show in the ExCel centre. It was very busy with lots of runner collecting their numbers and there was a big property investment show in the hall next door. People in suits meeting people in running gear.

The number collection was actually very well organised I only had to queue for a few minutes before getting my number and a bag for the drop off.

We had a wonder around the stalls, Thom loved the music and lights at the main sponsor new Balance. I bought myself a new hoody there. I managed to find my name on the marathon wall and we cruised around signing up for various promotions. I also collected my free T-Shirt.

Feeling a bit tired we headed to the apartment we rented at the Kings Wardrobe near to St Pauls cathedral. The apartment had two rooms a small kitchen and a living area it was actually really lovely and we were all pleased. Settling in for an evening of carb loading via Pizza Express.


Thursday, August 24, 2023

So much for the 10 year plan

Today marks Kath and I being married for 10 years! It has been an incredible time, we've moved house had a child, and had so many adventures together.

Time has really flown I can still remember the day so vividly, so many of our friends from the UK travelled with us to Bialystok. Being married at the town hall then partying until the small hours at Folwark nadawki. It must have been good because Kath's sister chose the same venue.

Getting married to her was the best decision of my life, and I can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring.

Thursday, May 11, 2023

Welsh rarebit

Today we headed to Plas yn Rhiw a national trust maintained Manor House and garden. Located on the hillside is that spectacular views out to the sea. Its a bit out of the way down some narrow siding roads I was a bit sceptical however it turned out to be a really lovely visit. While small by national trust standards is perfectly formed, the grand was a joy to walk round and the views were well worth the trip. The cafe is particularly stand out too we enjoyed a coffee and cake there. 

There is also a free EV charger in the accessible parking section.

After the house we headed to Aberdaron for lunch. Eating at a cafe inside a building which dates to 1300 we then had a stroll around the beach. The tide was coming in and Thom enjoyed running from the waves. I skipped stones into the water and enjoyed the views.

It was sunny while we were on the beach but then the weather changed quickly so we headed home early with rain lashing down! This evening we decided to have a quite one and got ourselves a chippy tea from a place in Pwllheli

Aviation museum


Yesterday we visited the Airworld Aviation Museum

Thom loved it!It is one of the very few museums where you can actually get into the exhibits. We sat in a Vampire and a helicopter, Thom wanted to 'blast off' and advised us to 'hold on tight!'. 

There are both aircraft and memorabilia there, with a bits from both world wars, and a section about the royal observer corps. Plus some search and rescue as that is based next door.

The place hasn't really changed since the last time we were there (2010), the modern simulator is powered by sun Sparc station 40, I used to run a second hand Sun ultras-arc 50 in 2008! Nevertheless I would recommend it! It is a really interesting place right next door to Caernarfon airfield where the air ambulance and mountain rescue are based.

In the afternoon, as the weather was very changeable,  we headed for a walk around the beach Morfa and Nant Bach beach. This was a new one for me, the beach was small and stony. It mostly serves as a harbour. There used to be a massive granite quarry nearby and there are signs of this with the remnants of large excavations visible. We saw a lot of half eaten crabs so the seagulls must have been busy. There were also plenty of boats anchored. There was a lovely view from the end of pier, took a panoramic photo. Thom wanted to be a tall giraffe and be carried around on my shoulders all way back to the car!