Sunday, April 21, 2024

TCS London Marathon 2024

Today was the day after a heck of a lot of training including around 900 miles of running, today was the London Marathon.

I headed out the apartment this morning to catch the DLR from Bank to Greenwich park. My wave was RED 11 so quite near to the end of the runners, I needed to get to the start around 10 for an 11 am start.

The DLR was super busy, there were huge queues as Canary Wharf I was glad to have gotten on earlier. Arriving at Greenwich there was a walk to the park then get to the pens in time for the start of the race.

I was talking to an American lady in the pen. She was just completing her abbot six stars, very exciting.

I started the race around 11:08, following the 4:30 pacer up until about half way then dropping back to the 4:45 pacer unto around mile 20. Going over tower bridge just before the halfway point was incredible, such an iconic scene and so many people. The race carried. won snacking around the docklands. My legs were feeling really tired by this point and my pace dropped. By mile 24 I was feeling very tired but the crowd was still huge. Kath and Thom saw me but I missed them.

The end of the marathon takes you down the mall towards Buckingham Palace, finishing just afterwards. I was exhausted but I made it in just a smidge under 5 hours, 4:57:37. 

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