Monday, June 10, 2013

The Vampyre of Time and Memory

Kath arrived for a weekend a week last Thursday, I picked her up from Manchester airport and as my Polish lession was cancelled we decided to go and get dinner. The Bulls head in Handforth do two steaks and a bottle of wine for £22.99 on a Thrusday night. I can heartily recommend it!  The wine wasnt anything special but the steak was very tasty, in face the food has been consistently good there.

Coco has been having a hard time recently. It all started last week, she was off colour for a couple of days, not eating her food and general spending her time moping not moving. Last Friday Kath while was over we got so worried as Coco felt hot that we took her to the vet. A shot of painkiller, and antibiotic we took her home.

Friday evening Kath and I went to the Stockport beer festival. We met up with Phil Caroline, Nick Charlotte, Bruce and Nina and Phil's sister Tina. It was a fun evening of sampling beers chatting and handing out our wedding invitations.  After the festival we went for a curry at Kantipur, they have had a refit since I was last there, and the food seemed to be of a higher standard.

By Sunday Coco seemed to be a little more lively even eating a little food, however when I got home from work on Monday evening (saying goodbye to Kath in the morning) it appeared coco had thrown up. I decided to take her back to the Vet, she seemed very worried about Coco, her neck was covered in what we thought was vomit. She offered to shave it off and I am glad that she did. Underneath was a massive abscess, which had burst. Her neck was a mass of necrotic tissue, and rather than vomit it was puss, yuk! She suggested the best course of action was to take Coco to the veterinary hospital. For a moment the cost put me off but then I thought she is worth it so off to veterinary hospital.

The next day I got a phone call from a surgeon, they had operated to clean up and remove dead tissue, and when they knocked Coco out they had to put a tube down her mouth they found that she had a sewing needle lodged there! It had puncture from her mouth to neck and cased the abscess. No wonder she was off her food it must have been terribly painful.

Fortunately over the last week she has recovered well, her appetite is back and she is I can even put with her waking me in the night as I know its a sigh of recovery.