Monday, July 07, 2014

Bye bye Orkut

Time moves fast on the internet, remember back in 2006? It wasn't that long ago really. Facebook was still a niche player only really open to specific universities and schools in the US. I stumbled upon a social network called Orkut. It was at the time quite unique, it allowed user created communities, and you could rate friends as Cool or Trustworthy. Facebook didn't really let you do photos beyond profile pictures properly until 2007, remember having to link to use sites like photobucket?

Communities were most like GeoCities allowing people with share interest to comment post and share. Nothing really replaced this until Facebook beefed up groups and twitter appeared.

I joined up on Orkut amused met a couple of people, used it for a while, migrated first to Myspace then to Facebook, twitter and google+.

Today I got an email informing me that on the 30 September 2014 Orkut will be closing. I hadn't logged in since 2011 so its no real lose, it does go to show how quickly a site can go from popular to zero in internet land.