Monday, April 16, 2007

14 Days

I only just made it into work on time this morning as being the slightly sad bloke I am I had to sit and listen to Des Brown on the radio talking about the marine who sold their stories to the press. I get the impression he is being made to be a scapegoat for quiet a few failures of the various bodies involved.

I started to feel his pain further when I got into work, a powercut had caused a load of issues which I had to try and sort out. I always feel rushed off my feet at the moment. A new guy has started he is a bit older than my dad and whilst I am sure he will really useful soon its difficult for me to explain how things work when I know so little myself. I can see he is in the position I was in about a year ago, so I have tried my best to pass on what information I can but it is very difficult to know what to pass on without causing information overload.

Went to the gym did an hour and ten minutes of cardio I was feeling really good about myself until Bruce started telling me about a guy at his work who did 40 laps on the track then 40 in the pool, impressive!

Had a quiet evening, watched the latest lost, and prison break. Both shows have gone pretty far out there now in terms of believability but they are still entertaining for a lazy evenings viewing. I have Japanese class tomorrow we had a two week break I really should have done some practise but I am just so lazy, its going to be painful tomorrow.

The Ascent of Stan

Today was another hot and sunny day here. I helped my dad do a number of jobs including smash up an old concrete block, and install a doorbell, ding dong!

I found out we can in fact access the server it must have needed some time for the routing information to update on the firewall. The only problem is we have found a know and as yet unfixed bug when using vhcs with Debian 4. Something has changed so that the password decode / encoding fails meaning the system is unusable. However its all ready as soon as the maintainers get a patch out. It might be a fiasco so far but I really believe that once the systems are in place it will allow all the users to be able to manage their sites in a much simpler manner.

I went for a job this evening made it nearly into Cheadle Hulme and back so quiet good for me, then ruined it all by going to drink beer and eat crisp's with Nick Becky and Jono. Had a nice chat to beck though I think I shot my mouth off a little too much. We were talking about my failed dates, and general resignation that I am hopeless with women. She was amused by my story of Liz G's rant about me being an evil capitalist. Oh well can't talk back information once it is in the wild so I will just have to deal with any consequences.