Monday, April 16, 2007

14 Days

I only just made it into work on time this morning as being the slightly sad bloke I am I had to sit and listen to Des Brown on the radio talking about the marine who sold their stories to the press. I get the impression he is being made to be a scapegoat for quiet a few failures of the various bodies involved.

I started to feel his pain further when I got into work, a powercut had caused a load of issues which I had to try and sort out. I always feel rushed off my feet at the moment. A new guy has started he is a bit older than my dad and whilst I am sure he will really useful soon its difficult for me to explain how things work when I know so little myself. I can see he is in the position I was in about a year ago, so I have tried my best to pass on what information I can but it is very difficult to know what to pass on without causing information overload.

Went to the gym did an hour and ten minutes of cardio I was feeling really good about myself until Bruce started telling me about a guy at his work who did 40 laps on the track then 40 in the pool, impressive!

Had a quiet evening, watched the latest lost, and prison break. Both shows have gone pretty far out there now in terms of believability but they are still entertaining for a lazy evenings viewing. I have Japanese class tomorrow we had a two week break I really should have done some practise but I am just so lazy, its going to be painful tomorrow.

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lulu said...

i think you did quite well in your Japanese learning, haha, remember the number system you asked me? relax, lulu'll be very patient to teach you some Chinese.