Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cinderella man / 12 Days to Shanghai

I have now less then two weeks before I leave for Shanghai, it has crept up fast. I been tracking the price of the Yuan but given that the Dollar feel to a 26 year low against the pound I am hopeful for a good exchange rate. According to Google 1 British pound = 15.4315986 Chinese yuan, I guess thats good, tough I have really no Idea what a Yuan buys. I guess I will soon find out.

I have been really busy at work since the new project manager started. So far she is proving to be the best of the three have worked under while in my current job. She has certainly kept me busy though I am not entirely sure we will be able to keep up the pace of the last few weeks but it feels better to have a purpose again. Another quiet disconcerting thing is teaching the new guy things. Given he is older than my dad it feel rather weird when he walks over and asks me the sort of questions I used to ask Mike. As a side note I have become addicted to worse than failure (it is a website for programmers so if your not you might not get it, I am not proficient enough to understand all the WTFs).

I am not feeling too good this evening, had a bi of a stomach bug today. Instead of going to the gym as normal I have stayed in my room and watched the film Cinderella Man. It was a good story though a little saccharine sweet like most Ron Howard affairs. Russell Crowe worked really well as the world weary boxer. I must admit the rags to riches and second chance taken is always a promising story, though it would have been nice to see a little more about the depression rather then limiting the effects pretty exclusively to his family.

None of the contacts I removed have contacted me, it is sad but expected. I was always the one who had to keep up the "friendship" say always nice things to make them feel good about themselves, but in the end they just didn't care too much about me. It is a shame after all the time vested in the relationships but I will try and not let it bother me overly, whatever dosn't kill you makes you stronger right?

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lulu said...

only 10 days~~~
well, we can compare something to explain what one Yuan buys:
here a KFC hamburg costs 10 yuan, a can of Coke costs 3 yuan, a film ticket usually costs 50~80 yuan, and your apartment rent is 230 yuan/night, wanna know others?