Sunday, January 21, 2007


I spend an exorbitant amount at M&S today, I had to buy some new clothes for work my suits are starting to fray and most my shirts have been through the wash so many times there fading. I went a little mad I must admit but I hate shopping so much I just wanted to get enough that I can avoid it for another 6 months.

This evening I walked into the gym it was wet and cold did an hour and a half picking up heavy bits of metal then walked out to find myself in a picture postcard scene. Snow was falling and my car was already dusted with an inch of snow, I love snow it really pretty brightening up winter.

Bruce braved the inclement weather so we could look into an email problem, then go to the pub. I stuck to diet coke I still have managed to stay off beer so far this month, only 10 more days to go. I haven't lost any weight yet though, I really need to diet but its been very difficult with my parents always make so much food. To be honest it’s the worst thing about living with them, I have tried on several occasions to speak to them but its always the same old story they say one thing and do another, I find it incredibly frustrating.