Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My little empire / 4 days

Sorry for the recent dearth of posts, I have been very, very busy. I have let a lot of people down, but work has been crazy and I have fixed my friend laptop (which turned into an epic on which I am working on an article).

Recentl at work everyday is a battle, I am really looking forward to break from it, to be honest I am not sure how long it can continue. The atmosphere was pretty combatative to start with but now its ridicules. In between being the main representative for my company and training a guy how is paid twice as much as me to do less than the same job and having no support from management I just feel tired and stressed. It is difficult to know how to behaviour I am often in the unknown to bumbling along. My bosses mum died earlier this week so management direction has been less than usual and I have missed my window to get a review as he is going them next week, when I am away, very annoying.

This evening I went out with Bruce and Nina, kind of a rare treat these days. We had a chat about their impending house purchase, its all very stressful what with bit of the house built without planning and organising things it sounds s real mission. Nina seemed happy though, positive about the new house and the future. She seems to be enjoying her job at total fitness.

There was a weird moment when the barman tried to convince us to join in th e quiz as he was several teams down. He gave it te hard sell but my brain was well beyond being up for a quizz. I had spent two hour in the gym after work trying to get rid of todays frustrations there was no way I wanted to join a pub stress game.

We had a chat about how Martins hands seem to get way to busy with friends other halves. Bruce is the second person today to insinuate I am going to get arrested (reason unknown) in China. Personally I think as long as I follow the rules it should be safer than Manchester on a Friday night.