Wednesday, June 11, 2014

On point

I had an unusual evening. My back has been causing me problems for a few weeks so I decided to go and visit the osteopath. He was in a very good mood, since I last visited him we have both got married.

On the subject of marriage congratulations to Ian whom got engaged to Helen, romantically proposing in Time square. Congratulations to them!

On the way home from Hartford, my route took me through Knutsford. I saw a women walking down the street clutching a bottle of Champaign, it makes a change form Wild n' White cider ;) Going through Wilmslow I was sat behind a World War two Troop transport with a few burley looking guys in the back (not in military fatigues though). Hopefully they aren't part of a paramilitary group planning to take over Manchester.

I decided to go for a walk after dinner, the days are pretty long now, and the sun is out which is perfect for my solar panels. I decided to walk round Handforth Dean, past Tesco there are a few empty industrial lots mostly populated by rabbits.

I have generated close to 1000 units of power, and on average more 50% of my electricity usage is covered by solar. Its looking like it will pay off pretty well, though I wont know for sure for about a year (as the generation is cyclic).

Monday, June 02, 2014

Orange is the new black

On Sunday Kath and I spent  lazy morning together then in the afternoon we headed to Matt and Christelles' house for a BBQ. We arrived to find Matt in full BBQ mode. We started with sausages and salad made by Christelle. Next up were lamb kebabs then steak. Christelle made a tarte for desert which was very tasty, served along with homemade ice cream. The ice cream was a little solid but very good, and despite Matts dire warning about ice cream being one of the most dangerous things in terms of food poisoning we were good the next day.

The kids were amusing themselves on the trampoline while we eat. We had a great evening, chatting about kids, life and many things.

Matt recommended Orange is the new black which Kath and I ploughed through. I found it an interesting series with some good characters. Kath and I enjoyed sitting together in each other company watching TV. We see so little of each other that just enjoying each other company is amazing.

Today we went out for a meal with my Parents and Jean to the Bull Head. Kath and I shared a fisherman's platter, while my parents and Jean all had fish and chips. The food was very tasty, I think that we had a great meal. Afterwards everyone came round to our house to see the garden and give coco a stroke. Coco certainly enjoyed the attention. It is always nice to see Jean she is such a lovely person, its hard not to be happy when she is around.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

You make me

Saturday I picked up Kath at 13.20, her flight had been delayed leaving Modlin. We planned to meet our friends in the evening for the Stockport Beer Festival. We went an did some shopping and had lunch.

Matt S picked us up in the evening, he decided to leave his car at the office. Arriving we met Bruce, Nina, Caroline, Phil, Jo Holly and Wally. Nina and Bruce had some amazing news, Nina is pregnant, due in December. She looked very happy (and despite the setting was sticking to soft drinks), Bruce looked happy too.

It was a great evening, I spent a lot of time chatting with Phil Bruce and Matt. Phil and Matt had a little game of whom could buy the strongest beer for each other. matt started by getting Phil a rather dodgy looking Cider rather than an IPA, Phil responded getting Matt a Old Tom.

After the beer Phil, Caroline, Kath Matt and I headed for some food. We went to the Kantipur Nepalese. I had the spicy ginger, I was sweating eating it but it was incredibly tasty. It took us a while to get a taxi home we were stood on the A6 trying different companies before we managed to hail down a minicab.