Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Arghh First Direct of EVIL

I heard something very annoying on the news today first direct are going to introduce fees for current account holders who deposit less than £1500's a month (or who hold a balance of less than £1500's. Two things very much annoy me about this the first is that the news appeared on the news before First Direct told me about it. The second thing is that according to first direct because I earn slightly less than £1500's a month I am a "dormant" customer. I always felt that having my wage paid in monthly and using it as my current account was pretty much active use.

I decided some time ago to be proactive with my finances, that is how I ended up moving from Barclays to First Direct. So I have just taken a look on uswitch and on the fool a few accounts spring to mind. Namely Smile Alliance and Leicester Cahoot and HBOS. If anyone has any recommendations please comment!



Bruce scanned in the photo of Maia and I with a bear

Cheers mate!