Sunday, July 16, 2006

Post 200!!

Tragic as my life is that this milestone of post 200 is not a happy one. This weekend has been a trying one I spent Friday night and Saturday trying to do some work for the web project but I got bogged down just trying to get the system to work at all and ended up having an argument over the phone with one of my colleagues. In the end like any argument both of us have a point of view, and I have calmed down enough not to simply rant now. My problem is I am a trainee thrown into a situation way beyond any level of training or experience and I only get one day and my own time to improve this despite my best efforts sometimes I cant keep up. If people don't make allowances for others how can we move forward?
Today I just tried to chill out after yesterdays frustration I read some more of war and peace, relaxed in the garden went swimming had a bbq then went for a drink with Ian and Faye I feel a lot more relaxed now.
I've also talked Phil into lending me his old monitor so I have a bit more desktop real estate to play with which is nice. It's a 24inch crt behemoth so its kind of dominating my desktop but its a lot easier to use visual studio with more space.