Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Over two weeks and still I am carless. Its been sent to a difference "expert" today, still no concrete costing or date for getting it fixed. I feel totally powerless, when it initially broke down I thought its not worth fixing new car time but I allowed myself to be swayed by the mechanics, big mistake. It was of course in their interest to fix it and generate work rather than tell me to buy something new so at the minute I am caught no car and an expensive bill to come. Not exactly what I need, cycling can be a chore, especially with the bad weather.

I was really annoyed when my dad picked me up from work, its slightly unfair, but he sided with the mechanics and still does. I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill until my calves burned and my t-shirt was saturated with sweat. I felt an awful lot better walking out than when I went in.

I went to see my friend Ali. Its been a while so she invited me round for dinner, which turned out to be a rather tasty spaghetti bolognese. She has three kids, two boys and a girl. I really have no idea how she copes I think I would go crazy, I remember, just about, how much of a little bastard I was at their age. I think that she does a pretty good job on her own its kind of inspirational.