Monday, March 19, 2007

Eyes - Rouge Wave

I started the day feeling happy and optimistic, I had a really great weekend spent with my friends kicking back and enjoying myself. Unfortunately somewhere in the soul destroying futility of work most of my good mood was dispelled. I am not sure whether the people I work with think its fun to bring each other down or just have no idea how destructive it is to constantly pressure, undermine and belittle people.

I escaped to the gym. During my cardio session I had plenty of time to think, even thought a friend told me I think about things far to much. Ruminating on life without really living it sometimes. Perhaps she is correct, or maybe I am just normal trying in the best way I can find to live. The trouble is I haven't got the answers, and nobody else has either. I have been given so many pieces of advice by different people with different agendas, it makes my head spin sometimes just thinking about the possibilities. There is so much I want to do yet I am no closer to anything tangible, I just need to make some choices for good or ill.

Whilst messing about I found a nice add in for Firefox users who like a bit of colour in their lives, colorful tabs spices things up.

Lies damn lies and statistics

Have you ever wondered about the figures quoted? I just read this article. I found it intriguing that MS supremo Steve Ballmer used such incredibly self serving figures clearly to distort the real data.