Thursday, August 25, 2005

TV Output

Last night Bruce and I stayed in to watch the latest episodes of lost on channel 4 and E4 but being as Bruce had managed to aquire som hidef stuff we also tried out outputting video content from my laptop to my TV. After much messing about and annoyance we finally managed it, all I am going to say is intel graphics drivers leave a LOT to be desired.
Ive tried twice this wek to concentrate on doing the stats recording for the LAN but have so far failed in my efforts I must concentrate this weekend and not be sidetracked by other issues.
I spoke to Nikkie on Tuesday we were suppose to go out this week but to be honest with her moving and her lack of desire to see me I have pretty much given up now. Given as we were only seeing each other in the loosest sense I guess its no real loss.
I was looking at houses today to be honest I must finally admit defeat there is no way I can afford anything halfway decent on my own and its going to take years to save up a big enough deposit to make any sort of difference so have to hold off and try and save more. On which note I have increased my monthly payments into my saving account by 40% and so long as I am careful this month will pay off my credit cards in full. My overall debt level is still dropping and I am very much now a net saver rather than debitor which is great but Id like to keep to my new years resolution of being debt free (although than my studend loan but thats an entirly diferent matter).