Monday, July 30, 2012

National Anthem

Jo and Holly had their wedding in Milton Keynes on Saturday. Kath and I got back from Portugal on Friday lunch time. My Dad picked us up from the airport and dropped us off at home.

We had a quick change, grabbed our wedding clothes then set off on the motorway. Just under three hours later we arrived at Greens hotel. Most of the wedding party were staying there, we met up with the crowd at the local pub. We ate dinner together and had a chat watching the opening of the Olympics.

On the wedding day we met Nick Charlotte, Ian, Rachel and Danny at the hotel bar. Ian and Rachel had made a real effort with the vintage theme, she had a red polka-dot dress and a 40's style hair. Ian looked like someone from Man Men with his suit and waistcoat, he even matched his tie and handkerchief to Rachels' dress. Kath had done a similar thing for me, buying a tie to match her dress. We took the bus to the venue, ladies first and guys following. It was a delightful country house with a very well cared for garden. Jo  and his best man John were both looking dapper in there tweed suits.

Fortunately the weather was lovely for the ceremony. I really enjoyed the ceremony there is something nice and good humoured about Humanist style weddings. A lot more palatable to me than the dry and formal nature of the Church.

Bruce and Nina were the camera crew, wondering around snapping people. Phil did his turn are the the camera man.

Joe and Holly had made a lot of nice touches, the flowers in tea pots and the wedding favours of seeds really were touching. Dinner was a BBQ so luckily the rain kept away so we were able to grab our faire without getting soaked.

In the evening Jon Kenzie and the others played funky Jazz into the night. Kath and I weere still tired from travelling so we headed back with Bruce and Nina around early. All in all an excellent wedding, really pleased for Jo and Holly.

Sunday we said goodbye to the hotel and headed to Bletchley park. It was really interesting for me and Kath to see the impact of the Polish code breakers on the war effort. There was even a Polish memorial at Bletchley park. I would recommend taking a look around if you are in the vicinity. It is a very interesting place stepped in history.