Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Leamington Spa

Just got back after spending a few days with Paul in Leamington Spa the origonal plan had been to go to London but things changed. Paul has quiet a nice little flat in Leamington since I was there last he has converted the spare room into a recording studio thouhg I think he spends more time on Myspace than recording. Though he did play me a few of his new songs which I must say I enjoyed. I also went with him to his dads studio complete with the sickest apple computer I was in my element playing with it chilling out listening to some of Pauls tracks. His dad is really easy going so it was quiet a chilled out afternoon.

Paul introduced me to magners an Irish cider drunk with ice, its pretty refreshing but I dont recomment drinking large volumes as Paul and I did. Howevr it you do choose to drink a lot there comes a pint when you can tolerate no more, I recomment fosters as the beverage of choice at this point.

During the time I was there he was sorting out some things currently he has a few options on the table for getting a recording deal, I really hope things work out for him.

It had a really good time chilling out listening to music and listening to stories from New York, its been too long since I last saw him. Shame I still havent met Pippa though. Paul seemed bored with Leamington and kept extoiling the virtues of London to me. Havent been to London serveral times I still fail to see why its so great, last time I was there sat on the tube surrounded by people all talking in different forign langagues I felt really weird, it was almost like being on the Hungarian underground. I also found London dirty busy and the people generally rude and unhelpful. I know Manchester isnt great but where I live is nice and given I dont lead the artistic lifestyle that enables me to sleep in late go out to bars and clubs everynight I can live without London for the time being anyway.