Thursday, October 15, 2015

The bay

One of the things which differentiate humans from animals is our ability to learn not just from our own experiences but to be able to learn from others.

Kath is proving her abilities this morning doing her specialisation exam in Warsaw. I am here too sat in the hotel bar waiting for her to return. I have very faith in her abilities but exams are fickle, all questions are easy when we know the answers. I have my fingers crossed for her.

We arrived on Tuesday night, taking an Uber from the airport to the hotel. It was the first time I used uber and I was very impress with the service. Not only do you know where and when you driver will arrive but you also follow a real time map to your destination which stops the driver taking the scenic route. You get a free credit if you follow my link to sign up.

After arriving in the middle of the night we decided to have a long lie in and take a lazy day to relax before the stress of the exam. We wondered around the largest mall in Warsaw, then in the evening went for a burger at Cwiercfuciak. Its an excellent burger joint, and very friendly too.

Afterwards we retired to the bar for a relaxing drink. I don't know how Kath slept but I tossed and turned, I think I am more stressed for her then she is for herself. I had lots of dreams about the past, things that were, and things that could have been. I guess we are all products of what we have done and what we learn from.

I am currently reading Five Star Billionaire, its about the lives of several different characters diverging set in the backdrop of a thriving but dangerous Shanghai. It took em back to travelling there, the combination of extremes the modern colliding with the past, the throngs of people everywhere all striving.