Sunday, April 23, 2006

Coal + Water = BADNESS!

Dispite all the work which had already been done on the house on corner of the living room the damp problem was refusing to shift we couldnt work out why. So the builder Paul proped the wall on arcos and a steel bar so he could take out some bricks. What we found was rather amusing, pre 1960 the house was modeled in a different way the bit underneath the stairs was a coal store, thought its not been used as that since then the remaining dust mixed with moisture to produce sulpuric acid which has been turning the bricks into sponge. You can see the discolouration of the brick its black.
Ever the chemist my dad rushed out bought bicarbonate of soda and threw it on sure enough it fizzed and bublled neutralising the acid. Posted by Picasa

Diggin it

Today I ache really really ache I feel like my back is sore all over, why you might ask should I feel this way on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Manchester?

With he lan being cancelled Jo Bergers asked us to help him dig up his garden, I assumed rather naïvely this meant a little digging of topsoil and general gardening however it turned into a mammoth all day digging session removing about 9 tons of soil from his "garden". To put it into context Jo lives in a small Victorian terraced house in Levenshulme, his back garden was a little patch of grass it looked ugly and as he dosnt have a shed he dosnt want a lawn mower. Also the grass are was raised about 1.5 feet from the ground surrounded by a little wall.

A few things were far from optimal about the job the first skip was so small we filled it in an hour and a half (it holds 3 tons thats a quiet a bit of earth) the wheelbarrow was flimsy and started to fall to bits under the heavy load. To make matters worse a previous occupant or builder had modernised it but simply buried a lot of rubbish in the garden including the old window frames which had been burned and a whole load of bricks and rubble.
In all we worked from 11 - 5 with a few breaks in total we shifted a small skips worth (3-tons) and nearly filled a larger skip in total I think about 7-8 tons of soil. It was hard going fortunately Jos neighbour lent us a decent wheelbarrow.

The rewards was a curry and beer :-D Ian managed to avoid the hard work and turn up for beer a nice move think Ill try that next time. Hopefully the exertion makes up for the curry beer and breakfast at Jos thanks to drinking too much.