Sunday, March 11, 2007

Where do old computers go to die

I have been given two old computers play with, an Atari ST 520 and an Acorn A3020 I have yet to exactly work out what I am going to do with them as yet. I am used to own several Acorns and hope to have a play with this one see it I cant find a use for it, as for the ST I never had one and have never used one so I just wanted to have a play.

I had a major falling out with my parents this morning, I just wanted some quiet time but my dad had other plans, so I cleaned my room spent some time on right move then went to the gym to relive my frustrations. I really think after I get back from China I am going to put my efforts into finding something for myself, I don't think I can wait another few years, and I want to be out before I am thirty.

I watched Lost in the evening with Bruce and Phil, its really descended to a shadow of its former self but is still watch able, just about. I find I no longer care about the characters anymore, I have no care if Jack Kate Lock or Sawyer die this episode or the next or live forever. A sad state of affairs for a show which was so gripping in its first series.

Wii Mii

Today was a bit of a write off had a few little jobs to like sorting out Nicks internet and fixing the bathroom lights. So I was looking forward to a night relaxing.

I had already agreed some time ago to at go round to Berger's and play some poker. As a rule I don't play ever since an unfortunate night in France. I had also been invited out by Endo. It was his girlfriend Jo's not-birthday, they [Endo Jo, Martin, Charlotte, Bruce, Nina, and Phil] were all heading to the spicy hut for a curry. I had a quick drink and chat early doors before heading off to Berger's. Everyone seemed in a good mood except for Martin who decided to be rather aggressive about the fact I wasn't staying. We arranged to do something for St Patrick's day next week, I guess it ill involve drinking Irish whiskey and
Guinness :-)

I made it to Berger's around 8.15, I was expecting the poker and drinks instead Berger's neighbour Carlos had brought round his Nintendo Wii. What a fun device the controllers really make for some new games. Nintendo have at least with the Wii sports pack put together a load of fun games like golf tennis and boxing which you can basically pick up the controllers and start playing you don't really need to put much thought in at all. Boxing actually had me sweating after three rounds sparing against Jo! I also like the idea of the Mii characters, Carlos and his girlfriend had both designed their own mini Miis, makes it a lot more funny to be able to play games as yourself. I think that after I get back from China and have some money against I will have to get myself one it was just so much fun. It was a fun evening of games certainly made a change from the norm.