Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Back to the Gym

Finally managed to get back to the gym=, only did a cardio session but its a start. I can't believe how busy it was, I know I say so each year but really this January is the busiest I have ever seen the place I almost had to queue for a running machine!

Work has been going quiet well touch wood, look like I am finally getting into the flow properly it only taken 18 months. Only problem is the imminent switch to ProvideX might put me right back to the beginning again. Today I got my Basic to XSL stylesheet program working it should plugin to Mikes webservice and make quiet a competant little system for exchanging data.

Bruce and I did some work on a database design for a new Sirco system, I think I proved once again I am actually quiet good at designing databases ;-)

More John Cooke Madness

In this mornings email contact from another John Cooke

Hi John

Isn't it amazing how many John Cooke's there are in the world! Maybe we should start a club and hold a convention in Australia one year? It wouldn't matter how many beers were consumed, no one would forget anyone else's name, or variations on it - Cookie, JC, Cookster, Cookemeister etc. Keep up the good work Cookie!


Sounds like a plan to me any excuse to go to Australia and get drunk