Thursday, May 25, 2006

Failed Upgrades / Server Failures and other ways to ruin a week

Liz (yes we still talk dispite my best efforts to put her off) wondered why I had stopped blogging, well I havent quiet I have just been very busy. Unfortunatly what I havent been busy with is exicintg life changing things instead I have been working on the things for work.
Sunday night went out for a few drinks felt tired all day Monday but managed to get some decent work done on the discount product, if I could just get the APR correct it would be nearly there.

Monday my server went down again they had a problem with a poweroutage at the server room. It is a little galling my once supurb uptime graph has been decimated by failures out of my control. Oh well.

Wednesday a simple software rollout went bad because testing hadnt been correctly carried out this means more flak for us it couldnt come at a worse time. I am working with my collegue Mike on some new projects visual studio 2005 is really good though I am nowhere near upto Mikes level quiet yet, I think Ill get there eventually though.

I got the one day Spanish guide from the independant I have been trying to learn but I am rubbish at languages.

Last night I went out for a few drinks with Ian Dan Phil Bruce and Nina, we went to the John Millington it was really nice to see Ian its been a while, Danny just kept labouring on about his new car (im going to write an entire blog on that sometime).

Spoke to Lulu today she has a rather ironic post on her blog about losing touch with people and their reactions, at first I felt sad because I konw how the other guy felt then I thought well I guess people make all sort of assumptions about each other all the time, is it fair to prejugde and assume or do you have to in order to get on with you life, I just dont know. Im rambling must be time for bed.