Saturday, November 04, 2017

Fat lad at the back

Kath enjoying the Carrs park home of Wilmslow parkrun
Fat lad at the back is a brand which set out to normalise the increasing trend for middle age men to start out cycling, the most rotund mamil at the back to the peloton. Cycling isn't my passion, I only have the odd jaunt out and sometimes venture to work. For the last couple of years my passion has been running.

Well I say running, despite taking part in numerous events from 5km to 42.2km I'm only a middling runner, almost the equivalent of the fat lad at the parkrun. For me its all about the freedom to clear my mind and enjoy myself. The last month has been tough I got a virus after Berlin and to be honest it made me lose my love running. In the lsat few weeks its been more of a chore. This morning is Saturday, parkrun day. I woke up early morning with Kasia, she had to get to work for a long shift. It was raining and I felt tired. Somehow in between 6am and 8.30am the rain left and I decided to get myself out of bed. I haven't made it to parkrun for a while due to illness and other things (like lazyness!). Until the run actually started I regretted the decision then suddenly trudging along, I realised I was enjoying it. The path was damp and muddy but the winter sun illuminated the park bringing out the colours of the fallen leaves.

I made it round in about the parkrun average time of 27 minutes give or take, slow for me quick for some. I enjoyed myself though, I wasn't pushing for a pb so I was able to relax and enjoy myself. I hope I can scrap myself out of bed more often.