Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tonight I put away Childish Things

Throughout my life such that it is I have alway tried to stnad up for what I believe in because if you dont well who will?
A long time ago I used to smoke and well now im a non believer it dosnt matter to me if people smoke or not but tonight I was out in the rectory with my friends who dont believe in such things, and someone sparked up nearby so I felt compelled to speak out. I hope I never give up never surrender and alway speak up no matter what thats what life is about to me carving out our own path but upholding our own moral code, it might not be the same as other peoples however thats not the point different views are allow encouraged even the point is if your believe in somthing you should be able to have your say no matter what.

Locked out

Today Bruce and I tried to get access to the colocated server held at the datacentre in Manchester in order to restart a failed service and do some maintaince I have been trying to contact Lee our provider for sometime but he is priving ellusive at best and evasive at worst.

A few days ago Ian remarked to me he was worried about the amount of spam he is recieving ever loyal to a customer I decided to have a go at improving things. Last night after sorting out the dead fan dead tape drive problems started working on Mars as a sandbox before takign it live onto alpha. Last night I added the free clamav which will virus check on e-mail relayed through mars.

I have been following the tutorial on the excellent debian administration site.

Had a couple of hiccops when setting up maildrop I kept getting the following error
status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: /usr/bin/maildrop: Invalid home directory permissions - world writable. )

In /var/log/mail.log after much messing about I found that root can receive mail in this sort of scenario using another user as an alias for root and everything worked fine.

Next is to implment on alpha, then future work move the domain handling to a database that should make things a lot easier to handle than the text file structure it would also mean we could replicate the set up much faster.

Technology Hates me

Some days no matter how hard you try everything goes wrong, for example you come to the end of a long and tricky project at to be told the staekholders have changed their minds and want different outcomes.
Or worse the backup drive fails rather horrifically, you reboot, still failed the error is physical so take the option to remove the drive only when you boot up afterward the system just beeps at you. Well that was my day, I had to take the secondary server to bits eventually I found a littlle iny fan had failed and the system wouldnt boot properly without it :-S After much decontruction I filnally got to the bottom of it, I also took the opportunty to add clam av to the mail relay, just need to get some spam checking I have been recieveing a lot recently and Ina has been complaining too, so I guess I should do something.

I am a little drunk writing tis it didnt take much I havent been getting much slep recently, saw Claire for the 3 time this week I think I am handling it outwardsly but on the inside its hard I cant drop my feelings for her not matter how craply she treated me nor how long ago on an intellectual level I know its completely stupid and I have control of the feelings now but, it dosnt stop me feeling them. I guess I am just lonely its been so so long since I had a meaningful relationship, and with so many of my friend in them its like a double blow.

Finally recieved my copy of soviet kitsch today I ordered it weeks ago, so good to be able to listen to it without pops and crackles though. Damn its cold sat typing this there is snow and ice outside must be well below freezing.