Friday, January 18, 2008

Poison Dart

Today was my third day working on the so called new projects. I am finding it a little difficult to adjust to both new working practises and learn a new programming language. The trouble is just at a time when I want to prove myself, I am forced to work a lot slower because I am ploughing into uncharted territory. I often the same when I start something new, at first there is a sense of fun because its new different and therefore interesting. Then I start to realise that all the tricks I have built up need to be relearned, modified or even forgotten to achieve anything new (so downside if the so called paradigm shift). Therefore it takes forever to do a simple task the new way. Actually that is not quiet correct, I usually find some things are more simple others more complex. In time I am sure I will grow to understand and work more productively but for now I am getting steadily more frustrated by a lack of progress. My second problem s slightly more serious, I have been pretty much left to my own devices, somehow I am supposed to get to a point where I will be able to support a piece of software which I currently have only limited access to. I feel a little bit at sea, I am not sure how to proceed. For the moment I have a task I can plough ahead with. At least to an extent without being an expert on the other software.

Due to all this work related frustration my mood was not the greatest. I had arranged to meet Martina for dinner so she could show me her accommodation, and so she could blag a lift home from Northern Moor. Fortunately she is a reasonable (if vegetarian) cook. We listened to Radiohead radio 1 take over, which was mostly good though I wasn't a fan of at least some of Thom's choices. Her new abode is very nice, a room in a detached house in Bramhall.
I took home a huge pile of CD I have been instructed to listen too, its going to take me the a while to work though them. At least its something to do while constructing my property searches.