Saturday, August 18, 2007

Extreme Ways

Not entirely unusually for a Saturday morning I am feeling pretty hung over, last night was a rather random but totally fun evening.
It all started with a quiet relaxed beer after work. It has been one of the least stressful weeks recently, it was nice downing a cold beer on a Friday. I only had time for one as I had arranged to meet up with my parents at the Lai Quila.

Lai Quila is one of my favorite curry houses, or at least it was until tonight. It seems like they have changed a few things since we last visited. There are new menus, higher prices and I didn't recognise the staff either.
The meals were still tasty, but not as a tasty as I remember. Also the usual generous portion sizes were smaller especially the rice usually there is tons, not tonight though. After the disappointing showing and the rather large bill I was feeling a little deflated, so I was glad when Phil called and suggested we go out for a few drinks. Half an hour later I was back at The Rectory, only a couple of hours after I left.

Waiting to get served at the bar I saw Nick and Becky stood over then way, so Phil got the drinks and I went to check out what they were upto. It turned out they were out celebrating the Birthday of one of Becky's friends. They didnt seem to mind us joining them so we followed the group to the Bollin fee.

It was very random on walking into the place I was confronted by a load of women ressed as playboy bunnies, at first I thought I was tripping, but then I realised it was a hen night. Unfortunately that was about the most exciting group of women in there, the place seemed full guys, at least far more than the number of women there.

I was ready a little tipsy so after a few more drinks I was feeling pretty smashed, not quiet as smashed as my glass though. Phil went and bought three drinks h attempted to hand me one only he let go of a different one to which I expected and SMASH! The bouncers didnt look very impressed.

I was drunk and felt like dancing as Nick wasnt I borrowed Becky and went dancing with her. I was pretty much a drunken buffoon but it was all good fun.

Nick was heading to the V festival in the morning he kept asking me if I wanted to go. In truth I really did but the idea of going down borrowing money off him and seeing if I could get a ticket off a tout seemed a little crazy. I am pretty broke still after Turkey and having to fix up my computer so I really couldnt afford to drop a few hundred on a festival. A shame but thats life I made my choices.