Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Japanese class was the high point of today, so there is a bit of a Japanese title and theme to this post. First to work though, it complexly sucked today. I feel like I have become cut off like an island of my company in a sea of the client. Due to my close relationship witht he client and inexperience I have become somewhat shunned by my colleagues. They treat me as a kind of second class citizen as I ask too many questions, well I do not have years of experience to draw on I need professional development to learn the skills they possess. To the customer I am just a cheap resource to be exploited. So far my career development has been pretty thin, I was meant to work with other developers and learn instead I am on my own. I did for a while get a taste of working on newer things but surprisingly enough I was almost straight away put back onto the same old garbage.

Today I was forced to sit through a meeting with the big wigs and our competitor as usually I was a junior there. I just had to sit and shut up whilst the competition walked all over us, sigh. Fortunately they aren't half slick as they imagine or they would really be able to cause issues.

I am just about entering pre school for Japanese class, today were learned the equivalent for this, that and over there, found out that the Japanese don't use 'or', they say is this, is this. Its different, it actually allows us to put a lot more vocabulary to use now we can construct more sentences though. I am hopefully going to put some more time into learning Kana this week as I was pretty woefully bad looking up words.

I found out my Apple has a built in Japanese (and Chinese) virtual keyboard and character set making it much superior to windows. It the text on the header doesn't display is say HiI which is Japanese for yes.