Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Violet Hill

Paul sent me today's title, it is a new song from Coldplay called Violet Hill. Available for free this week. I am not sure whether I like it or not yet, I feel it might be a grower rather than a stand out track.
Today the "credit crunch" (I hate that name) took victim another of our customers, this leaves us in a really weak position, basically according to the boss we are losing money and there will be no pay rises this year. Which given we have 3% inflation amounts to a pay cut in real terms, given this and the fact I am now working with a micro managing mega-lo-maniac got my CV out last night and gave it a polish. I think sometime soon that will come in handy. I quiet enjoy most of the work, but I never enjoy being micromanaged especially about stupid things, if I am 5 minutes late but sometimes spend whole evenings working on projects its all events out, I don't feel a need to justify this I always felt my works speaks for itself. It seems like now rather than care about outcomes the only are is conforming to some corporate ideal, well that dosn't fit well with me I prefer to be measured on results than the time I am sat behind my desk.

This evening I went to Japanese, hijacking the second half of the lesson to show off my photos. It was quiet funny really given I was so clueless when people quizzed me. I really need to practise a lot more. The photos went down really well though, people loved the Japanese gardens (even though my pictures hardly did them justice).

This evening I went for a drink with Phil, Nick and Bruce. Becky had initially said she wanted to catch up but she bailed. Hopefully I will catch her sooner or later. We all had a chat about the credit crunch and then road traffic accidents. Bruce made Nick turn green talking about the guy he saw get hit by a truck. He had finally received a reply to his transcript months after the accident. The guy luckily survived but there are lots of legal hoops to be jumped though yet.