Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hurricane drunk

I have found it hard to blog recently, I feel incredibly angry and empty. Some days I feel numb, like I am just going through the motions. Work has been difficult awful, some days I just want to scream, or walk through the office pumping round after round into colleagues and coworkers

I feel like recently my life has been categorised by a series of mistakes. Each somehow worse or compounding the last. Somehow aged 29 I have ended up at a stagnant. I feel trapped, going nowhere but every move I make to try and change things rebounds and drags me further into the void.

So far in the last few months I have managed to alienate people, get back into the same debt problems I worked so hard to get away from. I thought I would feel better to buy a house and move out. Unfortunately it seems to be an epic fail, nearly a year on and I still have so much to do to it just to make the place livable. On the bright side I have nearly finished decorating the bedroom leaving *only* the hall stairs and landing and bathroom to decorate; so maybe not too much longer. It does all look good too, while my dad drives me nearly to the point of insanity with his rigid attention to detail, it does provide good (if a little slow) results.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wii Sport Resort

Having got up early to do an upgrade (I really love a 7am golive :S) I left work at slightly earlier at 5. Unfortunately there were more than a few spanners to my plan. On my way home from Macclesfield I try and avoid the traffic by taking a number of country a/b roads this evening as I go close to Mottram hall I had to take a 15 minute pause while a herd of cattle was corralled across the road.

Whilst in the queue I missed two phone calls, one from my boss to basically berate the lack of progress, which I felt was totally unfair given I had got up so early in order to get the project moving and it wasn't me who was holding things up.

I arrived home to find a parcel from Amazon. It was the copy of Wii Sports Resort (Wii) with Wii MotionPlus Accessory which I had ordered some time ago, about 6 months I think!

I took it round to Andy and Emilie's apartment to try out the new games. Some were great; I enjoyed Archery, Ping Pong and swordplay, even though Emily kicked my ass. Some of the games were a little weird, like the advertising feature that is Frisbee dog. The attention to detail in the games and the range and diversity of games is much greater than in Wii Sports. I like the island setting and the way you can fly round the island and see all the game locations. I didn't like some of the games but there are more than enough there to keep interest for a while. I also had a problem that I needed to recalibrate my Wii Motion Plus quite frequently.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The loneliness of a tower crane driver

Saw two weird and wonderful stories while on lunch break which I thought I would share.

Reuters has a story about a German man who Man tries to fix airbed,and end up blowing up his apartment.

The Register has a tail of why it is not a good idea to sniff petrol then goad police.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I took some action regarding my lack over a computer and sent a letter to Aria threatening commencement of legal action. I had underestimated how letters have more power to get things moving than phonecalls and finally I have a new motherboard and can put my PC back together, hurrah!