Saturday, January 01, 2011

Night Terror

Last year I spent New Years Eve in Poland. This year I struggled to decide how to spend it. In the end decided to stay in and invite a few people round. Kath and I went out to Stockport to buy some nibbles ad alcohol. It was very busy people going crazy for the offers, 10 cans for £7.

We got back from Stockport and rearranged the furniture and put the nibbles out on the table. With just enough time for a quick sit down and a cuddle before anyone arrived.

Joe and Holly arrived first. Jo was driving as they planned to leave in time to celebrate midnight with Holly's mothers.

I tried to get the Wii on the go unfortunately Jo thrashed me at bowling and I managed to whack Kath with the remote. The Wiimote jacket stopped it hurting her but the sound of the impact was quite loud.

Phil and Caroline arrived next, ladened with Alpha, Archers and Cheesecake. Later in the evening after we had been snacking for a while Phil picked up a can of Beer and exclaimed "there is cheesecake in my beer!". It amused me so much that I made it my Facebook status!

At the stroke of midnight we headed out into the Garden to enjoy the fireworks. The firework display scared Cocoa. She had spent the evening being the centre of attention, with everyone using the mouse on a string toy to torment her. She seemed happy to have lots of play and to get lots of strokes and attention.

We toasted New Year with the Champagne that Martin and Charlotte gave me as a moving in present. The sky was full of Chinese lanterns and fireworks.

I tried to get Phil and Caroline a taxi home but the firs three numbers I called were busy and the final firm the guy actually laughed when I asked for a taxi, customer service Fail! Fortunately the distance to Phil's house is not much further than my parents so it should not have taken much more than an hour to get home. Plus the weather has improved finally with positive temperatures.