Sunday, April 02, 2006

arghh Hard disk pop!

Oh dear tonight the hard disk in my pcs expired, its about 3 /4 years old now so it wasn't too much of a surprise. I had been doing some work on Glenfern's website when a smart warning popped up advising me to that the disk was about to fail and that I should backup immediately, so I opened nero to do the back when clunk disk gone bsod :-S Oh well it wasnt that long since my last backup its not too much of a disaster. Ive got two new disks on order on £60 for 250gb sata II with 6mb of cache, I aslo decided that it was time to downsize my case, having a pc thats so big is ok except going back and foward to lan parties is a big of a pain carting it around, so I decided to get myself an Antec 180 which apparently is very quiet as well as looking rather nice. Unfortunatly thanks to this disk crash and the isa deadline I am now back to square one saving up for a new monitor so Ill be sticking witht he 17" IIyama for a while.