Tuesday, July 19, 2005


I didn't make it into work today was up all night with terrible stomach pains. It wasn't as bad as food poisoning I got in France but still I don't feel groovy.
One good thing about having a day off was I got to finish Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, it was a good book though not on a par with Goblet of Fire or the Order of Phonenix.
I watched Jamies school dinners repeats this evening, strange to see such passion for his work and another example of corporations exchanging the externalities which is our kids existence health for profits. Scary really is it possible that we have all become such a part of the machine that no one really noticed the corporations taking over replacing knowledge for advertising, health and the environment for profit? I worry but what can I do drop out join a commune that's hardly me is it? I just wish I could find Jamies passion and use it to change the world myself. Is that just arrogance on my part or is my apathy part of the problem even as I sit here the TV is on spewing yet my advertisements trying to create a desire for things I don't even need.