Thursday, April 06, 2006

Recommendation of the week

Its a rainy dull Thursday evening and I am feeling especially tired, had an arguement with my dad before, I see him make all the same mistakes again and in a way it highlights the bad things in my own life the feelings of underachievement. I just wish I could do something, but in the end I can only help myself I cant make him buck his ideas up.

In one of lifes subtle ironys way this arguement was kind of given a new slant by the excellent film I watched this evening called Goodbye Lenin. Ostensibly the film is about the end of the communist era in East Germany but it plays out in a beautiful way. After being deserted by his father as a child Alex<'>s mother devotes her life to the socialist ideal. Years later in 1990 after a shock Alex mother if in a coma during the fall of the wall, when she awakes afraid that the shock the new capitalist era will be the death of her Alex maintinas the socialist republic or at least a idealist bubble of it. The direction is excellent though you can believe Alex not only need to hold onto the past for his mother but also its becomes imperative for Alex to hold onto the past for himself the lie becomes snowballs and becomes the truth.