Sunday, July 30, 2006

Into the frying pan

Been another restful sunday, laid in bed this morning hung over vaguly listening to the archers which my dad had on in the next room. Decided I should go for a swim and sauna to sort myself out. A short cycle thirty lengths and sit in the sauna and I certainly felt refreshed.
Good thing I took some exercise lunch was another bbq so tasty but I have eaten way too much meat for my own good this summer. The afternoon I whiled away reading some more of War and Peace, im three books in no and the story is starting to get more compelling, its still quiet hard going though. Tolstoy certainly likes to detail his characters.
This evening Bruce and I went to see sandbox at retro bar, Retro bar is as cheap as I remember from my student days they had 2 bottles of becks for 2.50 result! Walking downstairs to the basemaent venue reminded me of my time in the sauna. The basement was stupidly hot, your could literally fell a wall of heat as you went through the door. Its a testinment to the ban they managed to get through their set Andy told me afterwards he was sick thanks to the heat, not good at all. The set however was good dispite struggling for breath in between songs Lennie was on form the new songs sounded good (I think thye will be better with a little more maturing, 1 million marboros is a favorite of mine so was good to hear.
Managed to check up with Emily sounds like she is having a great time in London by the sounds of it the projects are interesting, randomly she is linving with someone who also did my course at UMIST there cant be more than 25 people a year that did it, what a small world. I wonder how I would feel if I worked for a prestigous technology company on ore interesting projects, probably my moral would be a lot higher. Good for her anyway, time for bed another day at the coal face tomorrow.