Monday, February 11, 2008

The Wizard

This weekend was very up and down, and extremely busy.
Friday night after a manic week at work I was already feeling tired, unfortunately for me I had to do a weird split shift and go back onto the system after the call centre closed. So after dinner and watching an episode of Lost (which is getting more and more obscure) at 10.30 I logged in remotely and ran a tidy up program, I then had to wait for 1.5 million records to convert.

The reason for this out of hours working was an accidental deletion of a database job which broke all sorts of things that are needed to move data between the software I work on and the clients databases.

As well as running a data conversion, I also had to do some extra system modifications which meant I had a very early Saturday morning session. By the time I got home at 10 I was feeling pretty tired. I decided the best plan was to head to the gym. I decided to print off a workout and give it a good bash, having not going properly regularly for a couple of months I find it very difficult, in fact I felt very weak. I will certainly have to find some more time to go.

Saturday evening it was the comedy night at the British Legion. I asked Martina to join us as she had previously told me that she hadn't ever been to a live comedy show. Bruce and Nina came along, also Phil turned up despite having travelled to Scotland and back to take part in an Aikido session there. Also present were Nick and Becky, yes that's not a typo somehow the experiences apart (and with over people) have conspired to bring them back together again. I don't know if it will last but I hope that they are both able to be happy.

I think Martina enjoyed the evening, it certainly caused a little controversy, somehow Becky seemed to think that there was something going on between Martina and Phil. This amused me greatly when she proposed it. I drove so I got to watch Martina and Phil drink whilst I supped coke. She was very drunk and I pretty much poured her home.

At least the actual comedy was good, apart from the first rather strange American comedian finished talking about Bush, the next two were brilliant observational comedians. The guy who finished up had me in complete stitches. As usual a day later and I can't even remember the jokes!

Sunday was another hard day, I went to visit someone to look at his PC. I tried my best but this computer has been played with by several people and has a ton of conflicting (and useless) software on it. I did my best but I felt guilty taking his money, even after hours there I hadn't really achieved very much.