Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Weekend

Met up with Ian, Paul and Pippa for a sunny Saturday afternoon meal. We dined at the Oakwood pub. Had a snake then went back to Ian's house for a home made Frappachino. Ian showed us the rather excellent photo montage he made.

Balloon From Space

balloon on a monkey puzzle tree 
Ian and I were chatting when out of nowhere a balloon (or what was left of it dropped onto a tree next to us!

Perculiar way / 24 Days to go

I had a terrible hangover after last night hardly made it out of bed.

Today went to Burnley to check out a set Paul was playing as part of the Blues Music festival there. He had a 2pm session at the Bridge Inn Bier Huis. He plays a pretty good set Pippa even joined in providing backing vocals. It was actually a quiet nice harmony in spite of her sore throat.

We were going to stay and watch some of the other acts. The next band started well a blues affair, they sounded great, unfortunately they were there own greatest fans, getting more and more self indulgent as the set went on the songs got longer with more and more guitar solos. Thanks to Burnley's crap parking I had to move my car every 40 minutes, I managed to walk a block to the car, move it walk back and they were still playing the same song as when I left.

This evening went to watch lost at Phil's house, a kind of recap episode to remind viewers of some of the still outstanding themes and to kill off some more characters.

Athena / 25(ish) Days

Some of the most enjoyable things I have ever done have been spur of the moment decisions. I am not sure exactly why the lack of planning makes it more enjoyable, perhaps it removes the stress of worrying whether plans will turn out.

Regardless, tonight was fluid evening. The evening started with Phil and I heading out to the Kings Head in Cheadle Hulme. It was busy in there and we kept tripping over the bottles and glasses left on the floor.

Next move was to head to John Millington, in there we bumped into Ian, Gilly, and some other friends. One guy joined us called Steve, I had met him years ago, now he is a tanned and incredibly muscled man. Ian made a joke about him doing steroid's and he casually replied that he did, going on to say he used injections "two in the arm two in the ass". Unbelievably but the women seem to like his appearance, though I can't imagine myself ever sticking needles into myself I can see it does make a difference.

After a few more drinks we headed out to the Bollin Fee in Wilmslow. At the Bollin fee there was some sort of altercation, some guy said something to Ian and Phil nearly causing a Fight. Ian basically shouted at him and he backed down, from what I here Phil was spoiling for a fight though!

I got drunk hung out with people, said hi to some people I hardly knew and was generally a drunken person. I think we scared some girl outside the kebab shop at the end of the evening.