Saturday, April 07, 2007

Perculiar way / 24 Days to go

I had a terrible hangover after last night hardly made it out of bed.

Today went to Burnley to check out a set Paul was playing as part of the Blues Music festival there. He had a 2pm session at the Bridge Inn Bier Huis. He plays a pretty good set Pippa even joined in providing backing vocals. It was actually a quiet nice harmony in spite of her sore throat.

We were going to stay and watch some of the other acts. The next band started well a blues affair, they sounded great, unfortunately they were there own greatest fans, getting more and more self indulgent as the set went on the songs got longer with more and more guitar solos. Thanks to Burnley's crap parking I had to move my car every 40 minutes, I managed to walk a block to the car, move it walk back and they were still playing the same song as when I left.

This evening went to watch lost at Phil's house, a kind of recap episode to remind viewers of some of the still outstanding themes and to kill off some more characters.

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