Sunday, May 01, 2011

Bridge Burning

My flight arrived at Liverpool airport at 6.25am about 20 minutes early. Unfortunately my dad was slightly late so I was stood bleary eyed outside the airport freezing in the early morning chill.

Was very glad to see him when he did arrive, getting back home I had breakfast tried to sleep a little wasnt able to so instead started watching some TV and relaxing. Cocoa seemed happy to see me, I gave her a long tickle. Mum must have done a good job of looking after her as her coat was very fluffy.

Bruce called me around 5 as he was going to the John Millington, so I quickly had a shower got changed and headed there on the train. Embarrassingly my debit card decided to stop working not sure why, I'll have to call them on Monday. I had no cash so had to rely on my credit card. I didnt find this out until I attempted to buy a ticked on the train, as its only one stop I didn't think I would make it when the card declined.

Phil and Caroline were also at the pub, well I say that they were there, they were pretty hung over from a night out the previous evening. Bruce and Nina were n a good mood. We all had a chat and a drink before Phil and Caroline took off. Nina Bruce and I went for a curry at the Silsila. It is a sort of modern Indian, with fish tanks on the walls and nice cutlery, I enjoyed the food very much though. I had a sort of spicy chicken dish, with pepper chilli and garlic.

Riding the train back I noticed how much work they are doing on Cheadle Hulme station. There have built towers on each of the platforms they look to me like lift shafts I think that they will run gantries between the platforms with lifts and stairs. They have been working on that station for ages I remember part of the car park being taken over for construction works while I was at college.