Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sexy Song

Yesterday was Jo Bergers Stag Do. The best man Jon K had organised an ambitious day of Go Karting, Paintball then drinks and a Jam session at Solomon Grundy. 19 people turned out for the activities and more in the evening at Solomon Grundy.

Paul had stayed with me the previous evening. We ate a curry drank some beers, watched a film and put the world to rights. He got up fairly early

Bruce picked me up and we headed to the Karting 2000 centre. We had to wait around for a around an hour because the previous group ran late. Once we started we had 3 practise laps then in groups of four a Gran Prix style race. There should have been 4 grind prix each with racers randomly chosen. Unfortunately we had to leave the karting early to make it to the Battlefield Paintball so I only managed 2 races.

Paintball was an indoor arena. We started with 100 paintballs, and were assigned to either Red (French) or Blue (British) teams. There were several games however they all amounted to the same thing shoot the hell out of each other. It was fun however they didn't seem to pay much attention to gassing the guns and I had to exchange my gun in pretty much every game, three times during one game.  I was on the French side, as was Joe Berger. There was another stag party in with us. Their stag was wearing a rather fetching tutu. In an effort to level the playing field they gave Joe a high visibility jacket.

There was a rather sadistic shoot the stag game where the two stags and their best men had to walk the length of the arena while we all shot at them. It was a pretty brutal assault, actually much worse than when Bruce, Phil and I had to do similar at his Stag party. I felt bad for them however it didn't make me refrain for shooting them.

The final game was a free-for-all to use up the remaining paintballs. My own team shot me more than the opposition. After two gun changes I was finally able to get rid of my paintballs.

After a short break to shower and get changed then head to Withington. Danny drove and dropped off his car and we went into the bar. After grabbing some food we went downstairs for the Jam session. It was a funky affair with Joe playing first drums then bass. Jon K, Paul and many others playing various instruments.

It was a realy good day however by 1 I was beat and so was Phil, he also had to work the next day so we took a taxi home.