Thursday, July 13, 2006

BBQ Nights

Tonight was an excellent evening, bbq at the brook house, Faye, Ian Nick Bec's Ben Nicks friends and myself turned out for a brook bbq. It was a typical affair Nick had organised the food and beer but had forgotten the bbq charcoal and lighter fluid, we ended up using my bbq and I had to go to the shops for charcoal (Jono was kind enough to give me a lift).
I ate too much and drank a lot of fosters but despite that I feel great I chatted laughed remembered old times, holidays nights out and the rest, its hard to put into words what made me feel good mostly the shared experiences partly just being with people I trust not having to be false or lie is a bonus.
Had a good chat with everyone didn&pos;t feel like an outsider which is great.
Started reading War and Peace I am hoping it will teach/remind me a bit more about history and its such a famous novel I would like to have read it. I also loved Tolstoy's Anna Karenina.