Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Streets

Tonight Bruce and myself went to see the streets at the Apollo Manchester. I quiet like the Streets though their new material is a bit more of the same the original album was great as was most of the second.
The Apollo is always a good venue I much prefer it to the likes of the MEN so I was looking forward to a great gig. The supporting act was some rapper he was ok got the crowd worked up made a rap about kazza being bizarre and wrong but I dont think ill be downloading or buying his album!

There was a long pause for the streets to set up, to be fair they had an amazing stage setup with really cool lighting lots of led animations and visual tricks.

Mike Skinner was either drunk or high he seemed to love the audience applause but couldnt remember the words to any of he songs to start with and could bearly string together a song, Leon was all too eager to carry the show and was really annoying me fortunately after drinking a couple of mugs of some liquid (it was in a tea cup but I dread to think what is was) his voiced picked up and doing some of the crowd pleasers like 'could well be in' and 'blinded by the lights' his voice improved and crowd went wild. To be fair to him once he warmed up he was great at stirring the crowd a little too much as some people started throwing beer about and Bruce and I took a direct hit.

All in all a decent night entertainment some excellent songs I wish I could have seen him a little more sober / less horse though.

Jon sent me an excellent funny site link of some Manchester rappers ;-) I nearly died laughing after hearing the little one sing 'got on the bus wiv ma day-sa-va!'