Friday, July 04, 2014

Paradise Circus

I managed to injure my back while doing deadlifts with my trainer at the gym last week. I have spent the week in pain mostly laid in bed unable to walk much further than the bathroom.

It rather changed the plans I had made given Kath was visiting last weekend. We were supposed to visit Phil house for a house warming bbq, however I had to cancel that and a meet up with Ian on Sunday. It was a shame because I was really looking forward to meeting Helen.

I got some strong pain meds from the doctor, however they wont do anything else for six weeks. I decided to try an alternative and went to see the Osteopath on Wednesday. He immediately suggested that my part of my back was twisted. He did some manipulation after which I felt in pain but somehow more free in moment.

While laid up I have managed to do a couple of things. I caught up on American Horror, a series exploring the darker side of human nature, and luther the title track of which I am obsessed with. The series itself was good, I watched 1 & 2 on Netflix. I read also two books Mindfulness: Be Mindful. Live in the Moment. and The Son.

Mindfulness is a very interesting book which explains some strategies to be more in the moment, calmer collected. It reminded me of a book Paul lent me ages ago called the power of now. Though while the power of Now seemed (at least to me) fairly cultish Mindfulness has some excellent practical strategies to be deal with modern life, improve work life and cope with change. The point of the advice is to be more in the moment, let go of the past and don't focus too much on the future.

The Son is a Jo Nesbo standalone book about a Son who has thrown his life away after his father a believed mole committed suicide. As usual Nesbo paints a compelling set of interlocking stories, well paced and full of intrigue. It was a really enjoyable crime novel, though while it is more confidently written I still prefer his Harry Hole Novels especially the Oslo Trilogy. Having read so many of Nesbos' books I actually feel like I know Oslo pretty well, hope to visit one day.